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Jack Deans FFS, FCSFS

I consider myself an extremely experienced Fingerprint Expert across the complete range of aspects of 'Fingerprints'. I have been engaged in 'Fingerprints,' generally, for 50 years .My objective is to continue in this role, keeping myself abreast of all developments in this field, and give clients, students, etc. the benefit of my experience. I am still as enthusiastic about. the role I can serve as I have ever been.

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Based on my 35 year career at New Scotland Yard as a Fingerprint Expert and Crime Scene Examiner. In this time I examined 120 scenes of Murder, dealt with all levels of Crime including terrorism. I was also, for 10 years the Senior Fingerprint Expert in the West End of London so dealt with offences at Royal Palaces, Govt. Buildings, etc. I also had dealings with the Fingerprint aspect of crimes such as Lockerbie, Marchioness Disaster, Great Train Robbery.

For the past 20 years I have been the Fingerprint Consultant for Gardiner Associates Training & Research – undertaking a series of projects on the potential for Recovery of Fingerprints from Fire Scenes.

I am A UK Registered Fingerprint Expert, A Fellow of the Fingerprint Society, a Fellow of the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences.